I practice self-Reiki every day!

Thanks to Pamela Miles for starting this online initiative, which I found on her Facebook the other day while cruising through my feed.

This lovely badge jumped out at me!



Her idea is for all of us in the Reiki community to post this badge to show how dedicated we are to practicing self-Reiki daily.

Self-Reiki is the blessing of achieving a Reiki level one attunement. It was the primary reason I began my Reiki training. I didn’t intend to become a Reiki practitioner who works on others like I do. It just happened. But that’s how Reiki works; it leads you where you’re supposed to go.

In the beginning, I merely wanted my Reiki one attunement so I could work on myself. I had loved massage, craniosacral, and polarity while living in Phoenix, Arizona. I used to visit the Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts on student day to receive treatments for $15. Then I moved to Wichita and sought out polarity. I couldn’t find it. But I found Reiki instead. There’s been no looking back!

I had wanted something I could do to relax and feel healthier. When I realized that I could do Reiki on myself for the price of one attunement, I was intrigued. I discovered Reiki gave me the same type of relaxation I had enjoyed in polarity treatments. With one half-hour of Reiki costing around $35 here in Wichita, I thought to myself, “Why not invest?”

One of the awesome things I first learned about my self-Reiki practice was that it could help me fall asleep. After some experimentation, I learned I could put my hands over my heart in bed at night and it would send me to sleep faster.

That’s just one thing Reiki has done in my life. More to come!


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