My Reiki Master training is this weekend!

I’m excited — by next week I will finally be a Reiki Master with my final training!

It’s been a two-year journey. What a ride Reiki is. I chose to do Reiki because I wanted to do something to help myself. I was level one attuned for quite a while, from March of 2011 to August of 2013. Now, I will complete my master level training just before having six months of level two experience under my belt.

I think everyone has their own Reiki journey. It can be long or short. We are all unique individuals with personal needs. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to receive my level two attunement. There’s been such a change in my life since August! But I wouldn’t go back and change anything either. I needed all that time at level one.

I know right now it’s time to move on to level three. I have seen what level two can do and can’t wait to see what’s next!

What helped for me at level two was to practice on friends. I would practice on coworkers and friends at level one so some of them even noticed a marked difference between my level one capabilities and my new level two capabilities. Remember, I’m just a channel for energy. I’m not “doing” anything or “performing any work.” A friend told me after my level two attunement that my hands felt different on her — they felt lighter.

I will give another friend Reiki tomorrow and again next week after my attunement for the master level. I will let you know what she tells me.

Whatever level you are on, one or two, here’s what I recommend from personal experience: 

*Practice Reiki on any and all friends and loved ones who are open to it.

This is how I learned to really experience the energy of others. Each person’s energy feels different! Doing Byosen scanning on different people really helped me gain experience too. I can’t practice enough, even if I only give someone a few minutes of Reiki. It still helps us both!

*Find a Reiki share to attend so you can experience the strong energy of multiple hands.

This also exposed me to more and different energy as well as experiences.

*Exchange Reiki sessions with another practitioner.

I have a friend who’s an awesome energy healer. She’s a massage therapist, Reiki master, intuitive healer, hypnotist…what can’t she do? To work on someone with so much experience in the healing arts is an honor. To have that person tell me I’m good at what I do with Reiki is even more soul-affirming! It’s helped me become more confident as a Reiki practitioner. There’s nothing better than experience. Your experience becomes the sum total of the people you work on.

*Never forget self-Reiki! It’s vital…and the reason I got into this in the first place. I never planned to work on others! I just wanted this for me. But Reiki is too good not to share so I do.

Now I am preparing my Reiki business. One of the first things I did was create a Square Market for distance Reiki as well as Reiki sessions here in Wichita, Kansas. Check it out:

And follow me on Twitter if you wish @heatherlarson


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