Reiki Transforms My Life

I write “Reiki transforms my life” because to say it “transformed” my life would be wrong; this universal life force energy continues to transform my world.

Sometimes I have trouble explaining what Reiki is to the curious because it’s truly something you have to experience. The common denominator with all people I’ve practiced on is relaxation. More than that can and may take place! I may receive insights as I give you Reiki, I may pick up on some or all disturbances in your energy field. This is the part of energy work that fascinates me every single time. Reiki reveals things. It reveals feelings, ideas, and even guidance sometimes.

In every moment, we begin again. I think this is another way saying, “be here now,” or “stay present.” It’s never too late to start again. I believe Reiki helps me begin again in every moment, every day. It has helped push me along when I needed it. Reiki helps me move forward, sometimes at breakneck speed. Reiki two shot me above and past the edge. Now that I am a master, I can’t wait to see what’s next.


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