My first time at the Alternative & Holistic Fair

I loved being at the Alternative & Holistic Fair April 4-6. It was such an excellent opportunity for me as a brand new owner of a Reiki business. I loved being amongst my people for three straight days. The energy in the room collectively helped me practice Reiki in a more stronger than normal way…wow! Energy was pinging around that room. I held up pretty well; I didn’t manage to pick up any stragglers — until Sunday. But I had help with that! Another vendor helped me release the tension and “spare” energy.

This was one of my favorite parts of the fair. Everyone helped me. I helped others. It was so nice to be amongst fellow healers. Everyone had something to teach and learn. The exchange of knowledge was one of the best parts.

But the very best part was meeting people. The customers were fantastic and curious. They were wonderful! Each of them came with much to teach me personally. The feeling of community amongst the vendors had me feeling like I’d lucked into some wonderful family.

I can’t wait to do the next fair at the end of July!



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