Next week: I begin practicing out of the *NEW* White Dove location on Kellogg!

This is very exciting for a few reasons!

I’m have finally found a Reiki home to practice out of! I’ll be at the *NEW* White Dove location on Tuesdays from noon-4 and Wednesdays from 3-6. Book a session with me by emailing me at youdeservereiki [at] gmail [dot] com or calling the store at 316-262-3683.

White Dove is now located at 2947 E. Kellogg Drive. 

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Why is this exciting? Because the local metaphysical community in Wichita is coming together. The thought of White Dove disappearing? Unacceptable! There will be more than just little old me practicing out of there! There’s much more to come!

Photo on 4-22-14 at 5.34 PM

Hope you’re on Dale Martin’s email list (contact here) because he’s been sending out good info on what’s coming up around here! He owns White Dove and is rapidly working on opening up the store. He’s been open for yoga since last week!

Too many exclamation points…yes, I am excited!

As for me, it’s my goal to update this blog at least once a week on Mondays. So mission accomplished for this week. I do want to write a blog for you about our my experiences at my masters’ monthly Reiki share, so look for that coming soon. It’s next on the to-do list.

For now enjoy the wind…these gusts are killing me…all I can ask is what is trying to change? Why is this on my nerves tonight? The winds of change are blowing pretty hard and are impossible not to notice!

~Heather Larson


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