What can Reiki do for you?

People come to me for Reiki for a variety of reasons. Maybe they have done it before and loved it. Maybe they were referred by a physician. Maybe they are on a spiritual path and want to call in some healing.

What can Reiki do for YOU? 

I always tell people I’m not a miracle worker. I will not lay my hands on you and seal up a wound (literally or figuratively). But you will feel relaxed! Relaxation seems to be the common denominator with everyone. Reiki just relaxes you! Who doesn’t want more of that?

Can I Balance Your Chakras? 

Yes, Reiki can balance your chakras — and the rest of your energy body. Reiki is intelligent, universal life force energy that I channel to you. It goes where it is needed. But I do have the ability to read your energy and feel where you need a balancing or a “tune up.” It depends on what you want to call it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; however you choose to word them is fine with me. I’m a longtime lover of all things metaphysical. If I haven’t heard about it before then I badly want you to tell me about it! (Yes, we spend a lot of time at the White Dove store just talking about things, healing things, meditative things, Reiki things, Chi Gong things…it’s awesome! I believe we are all each other’s teachers.)

That’s all for now. I thought I’d throw down some quick entries to the blog more often. Please comment if you have anything to add or any questions!


P.S. Yes, I often use crystals in my Reiki sessions when called to do so. My faithful friend, Alcatraz The Cat, models how it’s done…sort of. He’s cute but uncooperative. I may need a new Reiki model… 😉



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