Creativity Crystal Grid atop this laptop…

Creativity Crystal Grid atop this laptop...

…Means blog post happening now! Perhaps more important than the crystals themselves was the idea that I intended to become more creative today, as it is the first day of vacation. Lots of Reiki ideas are coming through!

I shared a crystal I am not using anymore with a client. I want to write a separate post about that later.

For now, how to make a creativity crystal grid yourself? Whether you have any crystals on hand or not? It’s easy. Set an intention. Gather your objects and put them together in a sacred way. Look inward and ask yourself what resonates for you with creativity. A certain book? Candle? Card? Color? Talisman or knick knack? Gather it all together and set that intention. Use things that are orange — the color of creativity and abundance. Green too! Your creativity chakra is the second one, the sacral chakra. Its color is orange so you can go with that.

My grid here has lots of orange like goldstone, carnelian, blood orange calcite (probably not its actual name if you Google it), orange calcite, citrine, and my favorite — fire agate! There’s also pineapple calcite, selenite, clear quartz, picture jasper… It all felt appropriate to pull together. I held a pendulum over the arrangement and it was swinging wide and hard, so I figured in addition to just feeling right, I’d done well.

Try it for yourself and let me know what comes!

~Heather Larson
Reiki Master
Wichita, Kansas


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