Working with crystals: when they break

I do a lot of crystal healing in my Reiki work. I have observed that most of us who work in metaphysics work with crystals in some way or another. Some of us work heavily with them while others dabble — I am a member of the former group. Working with crystals and stones has become a daily practice for me in my own Reiki practice. My Reiki Masters, Conrad and Donna Jestmore of Reiki Wichita, impressed upon me even from my Reiki One days the importance of using crystals.


Why crystals in a Reiki practice?

Simply because crystals have their own energies. Those of us who are drawn to working with Reiki or crystals in the first place are naturally more sensitive to the energies than those who aren’t drawn to these alternative healing modalities. I was always drawn to rocks and crystals even as a child. I still have my childhood rock collection! Growing up in the Southwest in Arizona, mine is rich. I don’t mean to brag, but I have raw turquoise, tumbled Larimar, and even petrified wood (which came from under my parents’ porch in Winslow, Arizona so don’t come arrest me for having it).

Sometimes, crystals break! 

What does that mean? For that, I’ll defer to a favorite crystal expert, Hibiscus Moon, for an explanation here. Tune inward and listen to your own answer. For me, I like her theory that a crystal’s breaking means my work with it is done. She says you can give the crystal some time off and work with it again. My gut instinct when my green fluorite broke in March was that I was done with it. I’d been using its energy to get in touch with my truth. I had indeed gotten in touch with it and made the discovery I had been craving. So when that crystal broke, I put it away. This week, I brought it back out when I felt compelled (for no reason at all other than intuition) to give both pieces of it to a client of mine. It was the right action with the right person at the right moment! Always trust the inner voice.


Another crystal that has broken for me this year so far is the Tibetan Double Terminated Crystals with Graphite I bought at the first alternative fair this year at the end of January. I’m a sucker for anything Tibetan, but I also wanted it for its promise to “bring knowledge concerning healing and spirituality to the user.” It’s also supposed to have energies that “induce total centering of the self.” It is the “stone of personal freedom” and “one of the best electrical conductors.” This one broke right after I obtained it — but I also gained a greater sense of personal freedom along with healing and spirituality.

Today, I realized why I felt so compelled to have this particular crystal. Its work with me was brief but it’s meant for another friend soon, I feel.


I am not sure when will be the right time to pass on this beautiful Tibetan crystal. There also may be a chance my friend and I should each have a side of this bad boy. I’ll meditate on that and wait for the answers to come as I always do.

How do you use crystals and stones in your day to day life? Your meditations? Your Reiki practice?

~Heather Larson, Reiki Master


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