Healthy Lifestyle: Falling ill, calling on Reiki

I always tell people Reiki promotes healing; I won’t perform a miracle on you. I think it’s a common idea when I tell people Reiki is a laying on of hands that this therefore must be a miracle cure about to happen. I won’t rule it out, only because we all see “miracles” to mean different things. Sometimes 30 minutes to an hour of relaxing of my table is a miracle for some. There’s been times when I needed Reiki, massage, polarity, or cranial sacral so badly that each session for me really did feel like a miracle!

So I thank God for Reiki. It’s helped me in so many situations: emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical. One day, giving myself Reiki on my left leg above the ankle alleviated my shin splints. This was a one-time occurrence. While Reiki usually helped decrease shin splint pain for me, it only removed the pain for me just once. This is my personal experience; I am not a medical doctor and I promise no cures for anything!

This past weekend, in absolute misery from a strange bout with high blood sugar, I called upon Reiki again. Reiki helps relax me when stressed and being sick stresses me out (like everyone else). Along with the care of good friends, a lot of water, and a high protein diet, I’m on the mend.

Reiki always taps me on the shoulder like a good angel asking, “Are you sure you want to do that? Why don’t you go this way instead?”

In this new week, I spent my Monday resting, as though Reiki were saying, “Go home for once, be still, sleep.” Today, I hit Natural Grocers for protein. It was all I had on my mind this morning…another nudge from Reiki, I suppose.


Also, my friend Phylicia sent me Stevia In The Raw and Truvia sweetener. It was part of a hand delivered care package she brought me Friday night to ensure I’d survive! Gotta love a worried and caring friend! She also lent me a blood glucose meter because I’ve never had one before. Never used one. And my symptoms were too sudden and frightening to go without one if one happened to just be laying around. So this photo above shows what’s going on at my house right now.

Once in a while I mess up my blood sugar, move on, and forget the lesson. My philosophy is to hit the traditional medicine doctor while also calling on Reiki and other alternative forms of healing. I also run to the classic book by Louise Hay, “You Can Heal Your Life.” It brought food for thought. I thought her affirmation for fatigue certainly applied to me this past weekend:

“I am enthusiastic about life and filled with energy and enthusiasm.”

I believe we have to seek out the underlying cause of disease, the mental, spiritual, and emotional aspect of it. So I always call on YCHYL to give me affirmations and help me root out those ancient damage-causing patterns I carry around.

In addition, I also attended my friend Eren Nalani‘s Full-Moon Meditation Saturday night by phone. She is a teacher or Seraphic Wisdom, channeling Seraphim Angel Energies — among other energies. If you are energy sensitive like this Reiki Master, this is for you! Her meditation lasted under an hour and through it I was given the chance to connect with a few different energies. I felt a powerful connection to the Ma’a energy she channeled in. I felt much better after this meditation than I had all day!

So if you’re wondering where the Reiki Master goes for an energy tune-up, now you know! To learn more about her Seraphic Spheres visit the website. Eren has another meditation coming up too — she posts them on Facebook. Here is the latest one — her quarter moon meditation coming up August 3.

I’ll be busy healing tonight and sending positive vibes to next weekend’s Alternative & Holistic Fair in Park City, Kansas! Cannot wait to see all my Reiki lovers there!

~Heather Larson, Reiki Master



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