Thank you for coming to the Alternative & Holistic Fair!

Thank you to all who came out to the Alternative & Holisitc Fair last weekend! It was a blast. I’m always sad when the fair ends. The metaphysical party is over and we must pack up all the massage tables, incense, candles, crystals and stones. New friends are always made, burning questions answered, laughs & tears had.

But the most important thing about the fair aside from the people is the learning! I always learn so much! Thank you!

Thanks to Alita, I was blessed to experience Quantum Touch for the first time. Here she is working her QT magic on Shawnie!


How about a healing technique in which the practitioner raises her vibration to help ease my hip pain? Yes! That’s what she did for me. Here, she’s working on aligning Shawnie’s spine if I’m not mistaken. (So much happened it’s hard to remember it all in exact detail).


This was my booth! Thank you to everyone who stopped by, including you reading this. The Reiki table is behind the main table you see here. I was blessed with a total of 22 people on the table that weekend. A new record!


Late Saturday, Bonnie let me borrow this Jacare Smoky Quartz to place under my Reiki table. It worked its magic on its intended Reiki recipient, this I know! The price tag says $663. I love all Bonnie’s stones, and Zandra’s too! If you love crystals and stones or use them in your own hearings, this fair is for you. There was also a table of gold Lemurian crystals…


They are definitely coming back to the next fair October 25-25!


Samantha from Sam’s Intuitive Arts made these chakra pieces for our new show mascot, Sheila Chakra…


Here I am with Sheila…


I am one happy Reiki Master!

I send out an email blast once or twice a month to let you know about where I will be, whether that is the fairs or just what’s going on at White Dove in Wichita, where I practice my Reiki as a Usui Reiki Master on clients with a variety of concerns. If I met you at the fair, thank you! Please sign up for the email blast if you have not already.

Don’t forget the Facebook page — throw me a like and You Deserve Reiki shall be popping up in your feed.

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~Heather Larson, Usui Reiki Master (Based in Wichita, Kansas!)


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