What happened to the month of September?

I don’t make a lot of personal, journal-style posts on here because this blog is for you, the reader. I think of the person reading this as someone who may be considering Reiki as part of their path. Maybe you come here to check out my Reiki sessions in Wichita, maybe you want to learn, maybe you are trying to decide if learning Reiki is for you. So the last thing I have been trying to do is go on about myself and my life. Who cares?

But where did the month of September go? With only one blog post, you could hear only crickets around here!

Well, let me fire up the Mac and a health-returning smoothie… and let’s get this going!

IMG_2017Hemp milk, hemp protein powder, a few frozen bananas, blueberries, and raspberries…

Playing some Trevor Hall music to get the juices flowing…

And a confession, or two. I have been really, really sick since July. Yes, Reiki Masters get sick too. My “alternative lifestyle” or whatever you wish to call it does not make me immune to illness. I know, I look fine and I’m still on the air every morning. Nothing suspect there. You see me at White Dove too on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. But that’s it. I work, I go home, I rest. I am still resting. This is the perfect weekend for that as we launched into Mercury Retrograde yesterday afternoon!

Since August, I’ve amped up the medical insurance, switched doctors — thank God — and concentrated full-time on getting well. There were a few obligations I didn’t want to give up, like my annual commitments to Race For Freedom and Recovery Idol. But otherwise things have been low-key and laid back. I took off whatever I could from my schedule.

Why am I even bringing this up?

Because there is a more broad aspect to wellness going on here. My question to us all is:

“How can you best take care of you today?”

For me in July that meant hanging on until August and a new fiscal year for our insurance. Although I needed help, I couldn’t bear the thought of being saddled with another unaffordable medical bill. As long as I didn’t need to go to the E.R., I knew I could make it to August. Waiting one month was acceptable. While tired of being sick, I am also tired of the stress of asking, “How can I pay for this?” I was surprised this was the answer in asking myself how best I could take care of myself back in July.

But it was worth it. Because I also switched doctors after doing more research. Why keep languishing with a conventional doctor when I could switch to a functional medicine doctor? I will spare you the details, but this has probably saved my life — all of this. Of the many choices I had to make in September 2014 — the hardest month of this year for me — these were the two biggest and best decisions I made in self-care.

Where else did the month go? Huge professional changes await!


We’re making a big announcement regarding a change at 7:15 tomorrow morning on our morning show. You can listen if you wish, we are Power 93.9. That is all I can say about that.

I figure if I am going to succumb to the lameness of making a highly personal blog, I may as well go big or go home, right? 😉

I did a lot of healing in September 2014. That is an understatement!

IMG_0509I faced big things and made large changes. I stepped forward to become a Reiki teacher and then wondered why I had dragged my feet. I began the work of healing the most important relationship of my lifetime. I let go of toxic relationships. I made attempts to grow closer to those who have supported me.

Yes, God, I am awake, alive, and I get it! hahahaha

Spiritually, I became a practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom on the 27th. I’ll be using the energies of the Seraph in my Reiki sessions at White Dove. I love having something new in my energy tool kit! It was a transformative day for us all for sure. More on that in a separate post…

I hate being one of those people who say they are going to post weekly then don’t for a whole month. I knew I wasn’t well but didn’t anticipate nearly dropping off the face of the Earth for the month. Back to blog posting as I keep recovering. I am working on the newsletter for this month’s specials to get that out to you.

Thank you to those who have been participating in the local metaphysical community in Wichita. I know there was a gathering last night I was too tired to attend. Many of you have been visiting us at White Dove and Crystal Dock and I thank you for that! You bring a sense of community I love about Wichita!

I am not sure if I will be able to make the Alternative & Holistic Fair in a few weeks with my booth as I have for the past two fairs. I may not be fully recovered enough for that considering I cannot take time off from work right now. Helluva time to get sick, right? But then I was thinking this morning I’d just go to the fair anyway and end up standing around talking to everyone for hours so I may as well get me a booth… I will decide and let you know!

Thanks for reading the blog. Remember to ask yourself how best you can take care of YOU today. This month. This year. =)

~Heather Larson, Reiki Master




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