Why squeeze in Reiki during the holidays? Part Two

The second reason to squeeze in a Reiki session with me at White Dove or through distance Reiki is to get away, pure and simple.

You have family to escape. You have stress to escape. You have nothing but obligations, traffic, to-do lists, menus, shopping lists, and traffic to escape.

The holidays have become too much about having the perfect Pinterest holiday, doing too much, spreading too thin, spending too much, and laying it on too thick. Reiki is about letting go, relaxing, spiritual growth, gratitude, and centering your energy body. How about you feel your body this holiday season instead of the stress by-product it is producing? Feed your body well, water your soul. Think differently and remember the holiday season is about our connection with a power greater than us.

Catch up and read Part One here.


Be like this fat cat this holiday season, not another hamster in the mall/traffic/people-pleasing wheel. Hit the yoga mat, crawl up on my Reiki table, receive distance Reiki, meditate, read Louise Hay, work with crystals for healing, bang a singing bowl for sound healing and meditation, write, stretch, Reiki, listen to music, pray…RELAX!

The choice is yours.

~Heather Larson, Reiki Master


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