Branching Out Into Reiki Videos On YouTube

With so much more to come in the second year of this Reiki business, I am branching out into video. It is my goal to bring you videos about Reiki that will help you and quench your thirst for all things metaphysical.

What I will not do is promise you weird or impossible things through video. You cannot be attuned to any level of Reiki through video, CD, or any online training. Reiki attunements can only be handed down from a Reiki Master to student in person. Don’t spend money on anything you find online promising you otherwise. 

You can check out all my You Deserve Reiki videos on my YouTube channel. This is the channel for my Reiki business only. I have a separate channel here, which is mostly for my loyal radio listeners who are now following me since I’m no longer on the air in Wichita.

I’d embed my two videos here from the Alternative & Holistic Fair, but they have a horrible tone on them! I don’t know why — perhaps because they were made using Instagram. They didn’t post that way on my Instagram or so I thought…

So until I work out the kinks, watch them on mute. They are 15 seconds each (since they were made on Instagram). They are just sneak peaks at life at the Fair.



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