Happy First Birthday To You Deserve Reiki! Thanks, Wichita!

You Deserve Reiki’s first birthday quietly passed without much fanfare. Let me fix that!

Happy Birthday to my baby business! Just one year old now! I have been practicing Reiki in Wichita since 2012 and began YDR in January of 2014 after much practice on grateful friends, family, and coworkers.

As I have found with Reiki, this practice keeps on opening doors. Practicing this traditional Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation has taken me to some pretty exciting places already that I never would have dreamed of! I didn’t plan to teach Reiki when I opened for business in 2014, but that’s exactly where it led me. Then I kept saying to myself, “Why didn’t I teach sooner?” This art has steamrolled through my life and changed it so much since 2012, I can no longer imagine living in any other manner than this. I am truly enjoying being on this spiritual path.

In 2014, Reiki led me to the Alternative & Holistic Fair in Park City. That, in turn, led me to White Dove and Eren Nalani, who I learned Seraphic Wisdom from. Now I’m a Practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom and channel the energies of the Seraphim angels into my Reiki sessions with clients. YDR has been at four fairs in Park City now and I am so grateful for that! My clients are amazing and beautiful. They teach me so much. I’ve met the most intriguing people on that path. I would have never met these people or learned from them if I hadn’t opened my business doors over a year ago now.

The larger goal here is to take Reiki out into the world, into the mainstream. I believe it can help so many to relax, reduce their stress, meditate, or just sleep better. Who wouldn’t want that? This is why I work passionately to get the word out about Reiki.

My interest in the healing arts began many years ago. I know how much holistic arts like yoga, Reiki, meditation, essential oils, polarity, life coaching, and massage have helped me.  It is my hope I can bring these things to you in any way possible. I’d like to make some of these things more accessible, commonplace, and palatable for our community.

Thank you for being here. Thanks for reading the blog, joining the mailing list, liking the Facebook, tweeting me, coming to White Dove, coming to the Alternative & Holistic Fair, and taking the classes. Thank you for being a part of this adventure!

~Heather Larson, Reiki Master, Wichita, KS.



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