My only video from the Alternative & Holistic Fair that came out! Was is the energy?

This is so frustrating! Of all the videos I made at the fair and uploaded to two different YouTube channels…this is the only one that turned out OK. The rest all have no audio but for an annoying tone on them. I am so sad! The tone even comes through on my Instagram page! (heatherlarson is the username if you want to follow).

I’ve long had troubles with my phone in that hall at Best Western. I’ve had my Square card reader go down, missed countless texts and calls — now this! Ironically, this was the only fair I’ve attended there at which I still received texts, calls, and got my Square to work flawlessly.

So what gives? Was it the amazing amount of energy zipping through that room that caused my phone to mess up the audio on the video? Did my phone freak out because the videos were taken during Mercury Retrograde? Who knows?

At any rate, my goal is to spread some videos about Reiki out into the world. Here is the only video I have so far.


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