What can you do when you learn Reiki?

What can you do when you learn Reiki? Here are some ideas of things I’ve used so far in three years of practice:

1. Self-Reiki — this is pretty self-explanatory. Once you are attuned to Reiki 1, you can begin practicing Reiki on yourself. Lay your hands on your body while sitting around watching TV, lay a hand on your leg while sitting in traffic, or lay a hand casually across your neck (or whatever body part is sore) while talking with friends or coworkers.

2. Reiki your water! You can hold a mug or glass of water in your hands and send it Reiki. Send it to your water bottle before your workout, or just send it to whatever beverage you’re drinking. Yes, I send Reiki to my coffee. Nothing wrong with that!

3. Reiki your intentions! This is one I do all the time and it works. Write down your intention on a slip of paper. It can be anything you want to manifest. Write down, “I have more peace and serenity in my daily life,” or “I am in perfect health.” Yes, I write my down as affirmative prayers like that — imagine the thing you want as if you already have it. Then think positively about it and send it Reiki. Picture this thing/feeling/idea in your life as though you already have it. (In Quantum Physics, you already do, so you may as well!) I’ve been surprised at how much I’ve manifested in this way.

If it wasn’t meant to be mine, it would never manifest. No effort is wasted, however, so I always imagine the energy sent off to other intentions or to the nearest person in need of some Reiki.

4. Give Reiki sessions to sick or struggling friends and family. You’d be surprised how many people want to learn Reiki simply to use on others. Sometimes a person is a caretaker for a family member with cancer or another illness and has heard Reiki would be great to use on that person to help relax them or relieve pain. (I never promise Reiki will relieve pain; I do promise relaxation through Reiki — but that’s it!)*

Why would you like to learn Reiki? Let me know in the comments!

Why would you like to learn Reiki? Let me know in the comments!

*Reiki is an alternative and holistic healing technique; it is not a replacement for medical advice from a qualified physician. The author and owner of this blog, Heather Larson, is a Usui Reiki Master and not a medical doctor, trained physician, nurse, or other medical professional. Please see your doctor if you have any health concerns. Heather does not diagnose or treat any illnesses. Talk to your doctor if you have concerns about Reiki. 

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