Attended a great Reiki retreat over the weekend

My instructors at Reiki Wichita, Conrad and Donna Jestmore, led a great group of Reiki practitioners (and some of us Masters) on a relaxing retreat over the weekend. It was a great chance to learn a little more, expand, and meet like minds. As Donna said, “What else can you do on a weekend it’s pouring rain?”

I really enjoyed my time meditating at the Spiritual Life Center next to a giant, 300-million-year-old flagstone. Torrential rain came down and then, after 8:00pm, I opened my eyes to see a fiery orange sky outside one window and a purple one out the other. It was nice to “get away,” even though the SLC is close to home. We did various Reiki exercises, Reiki shares, and walked a labyrinth in a walking meditation. Janna Akins gave me an iridology reading and was spot-on. I am intrigued by iridology now!

I highly recommend Conrad & Donna’s retreat to anyone who practices at least at Reiki level one.


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