Gratitude Corner…

Step into the gratitude corner! Gratitude is a big part of Reiki. Practicing thankfulness is one of the five Reiki precepts.

“Just for today…I will be grateful.” 

What are you grateful for today?

Have you ever made a gratitude list? Start today. Start out very simple. First of all, I am grateful for the basics like my home, food in the fridge, my cat, my car, clean clothes, and my friends. Then I’m grateful for things like my jobs, coworkers who are awesome, my guitar, my home sound studio. I learned to make a gratitude list by starting simple and making sure the list had 100 items on it. Try it! If you think you can’t find 100 things to be grateful for each day, let me tell you — you are wrong. I can’t make the lists long enough. I even keep a gratitude jar year-round to open up on New Year’s Eve and see what kind of year I had. It always amazes me.

Learn how to make a gratitude jar here. 

If you are a Reiki 1 student, it’s time to start practicing the gratitude Reiki precept. Make a daily gratitude list. You’ll be surprised at what’s on it. If you make a habit of it, it will help you grow. It will help your energy work practice to grow too.


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