There comes a time to rest

My brief half marathon training period from earlier this summer. Think for now I'll stick with walking and yoga instead!

My brief half marathon training period from earlier this summer. Think for now I’ll stick with walking and yoga instead! That’s one sweaty Reiki Master…with my last half marathon medal. 

I like to share my healing journey with clients and readers of this blog. What’s the use of going through it if you don’t pass it on? Or as we say in AA, “You can’t keep it if you don’t give it away.” Lately for me, there has come a time to rest. To completely unplug, disconnect and recharge.

It’s just taken a lot longer to recharge than planned or imagined.

Life has some surprises for sure.

I’m at a point where the big expansion is coming. But first, a contraction. A move inward. Quiet time to be alone, to rest and reflect. It’s OK to do this. How many times in our “busy” lives do we get a chance to do this?

So I took time to rest. There is a medical issue to deal with, which isn’t a big deal. But it has derailed me from my goal of running the Prairie Fire Half Marathon in October. That just won’t be possible now. I feel like my running plans haven’t gotten far in the last couple years, which is disappointing. I also took time out from a few extra ventures of mine, like my Reiki business and voice over. There’s a new project to start, too!

But, rest.

Rest is best right now. Fortunately, I work in a field that prizes self-care. I have a boss that asks, “It isn’t this place affecting you, is it?” Of course, I work in a field where we caretake. We check on one another. We work in wellness.

There was a time in my former fast-paced and crazy life where it was weak to call in sick or admit to dealing with a health issue that will take some time to fix. Everything had to be “OK” all the time. I was the fixer and chief problem solver. What would happen if I admitted to weakness or needing help! I couldn’t be seen like that!

I have fortunately grown wiser. I’ll reveal the health issue later when I figure out how to hack it in order to share about it in a way that would help others. That’s what I do. That’s what I’ve always done! Even from 2005, when I began my CJD blog and then carried it over to Cure CJD… Strength comes in sharing with others and attempting to make the road easier for the next person.

For now, let’s all get some rest.


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