Why teach? A reluctant teacher expands her teaching practice…

When I first learned Reiki 1 in 2012, I never intended for it to go as far as it has already. Who knows where all it still intends to take me? That’s not up to me. That’s up to Reiki and up to spirit. Back in 2012, I merely wanted something to relax me. I had a high-stress job and wasn’t meshing well with my new city — the city I now call home and refuse to leave.

Somehow it happened after Reiki 2. I began to practice on others. I also began to enjoy it. I was in therapy for alcoholism and codependency and found practicing Reiki on others was a positive way to channel my “caretaker” energies. Helping people is OK; making an addiction out of it that causes a loss of self is not. My high-stress job wasn’t cutting it for me financially, so I had no reason to not open up a Reiki practice once I finished my Reiki Master level training.

Thing was, I didn’t want to teach. I thought I’d just be a Reiki Master who did kick-ass Reiki sessions on others. I intended to avoid the call to teach. But Reiki had other plans for me. Now I’ve been teaching Reiki students for a year. Thanks to awesome students and very supportive friends, it’s been a great journey. My goal has always been to spread the Reiki out into the world and be a good ambassador for it. I thought I could do that without teaching! Some may be able to do that if they really want to avoid teaching. Maybe you’re shy, a total introvert, or can’t speak in public. That’s OK.

For me, once I taught my first student, I thought to myself, “What was I afraid of?” It was fun for me and teaching felt so natural. Why not? Now I love teaching. I love making new Reiki students into Level 1 & 2 practitioners as well as Masters! What better way to spread the Reiki out into the world? Reiki is an energetic art passed on only from teacher to student. I am a firm believer in the in-person attunement. Don’t waste your time and money on CDs, DVDs, or “learn Reiki online” courses.

I refuse to teach Reiki online.

But what I can do is teach Reiki-oriented things online! There are plenty of people who will attend classes for enrichment while finding a local Reiki Master to attune them in person if they want to take a class! There are plenty of people who would love to take online classes about what I have to offer. Maybe they want to learn but have busy schedules. Maybe they are in small towns and can’t make it to a bigger city (like Wichita) to learn about Reiki and other energy work.

Enter the latest expansion of my teaching practice!

I’m going to be teaching on Learn It Live! I have about two dozen classes I am planning out for you to take! There will be every kind of class. Learn about your energy field, meditation, and even how to run a thriving Reiki business. The first class will be an overview of Reiki and what it can do for you, called, “Relaxing Into A Reiki Lifestyle.”

The best adventure in teaching is learning from my students. I love getting a chance to teach others and communicate with students in a way that only happens in a learning environment. It makes me a better teacher, communicator and student. It helps me with my original goal too — of being an ambassador who courageously spread the Reiki out into the world.

Woman teaching geometryI may not ever be capable of teaching geometry. Maybe…sacred geometry. šŸ˜‰ But I can teach Reiki-oriented and wellness topics online! Can’t wait to start!

~Heather Larson, Reiki Master

Wichita, Kansas


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