There is no competition in Reiki

One of the things my teachers and fellow energy work practitioners have always taught me is:

There is no competition in Reiki. 

I’ve spent 17 years working in radio broadcasting. In this industry, many wolves in sheep’s clothing have pretended to be my friends but backstabbed me. I’ve dealt with professional jealousy, peers creating stories about others, and seen people start gossip about colleagues all to make themselves look better.

I believe it was all fed by the common idea that there is never enough — as in enough jobs to go around, enough opportunity go around, and only so many can “be at the top.” I’ve seen people throw anyone under the bus to protect their positions and create cliques (usually old boys clubs) in order to mob rule other deserving workers out of good positions.

There is no room for this kind of jealousy and envy in a productive culture of winners. This stifles creativity and productivity because so much energy is used for the gossiping, backbiting, lying, covering up the lies and overall negativity. When you’re on the receiving end of this negativity, you’re wasting your energy worrying, looking over your shoulder, and most likely looking for a new job.

Stop operating from a place of lack and you will feel the luxury of abundance and life without "competition."

Stop operating from a place of lack and you will feel the luxury of abundance and life without “competition.”

Fortunately, I work in a positive environment today where coworkers and I operate as a team to lift each other up. We have a common goal and treat each others as equals, even the management. Success and positivity flows through our organization. Everyone is happy, glad to see one other, open, honest and productive. I love coming to work every day and leave the office with plenty of creativity leftover when I head home to write, do Reiki, do yoga, play music, and see friends.

The difference is night and day because we operate in a world where we aren’t competing with each other. That’s the way it should be. We shouldn’t be operating from the “never enough” mindset. There is always enough. There is always opportunity for those who seek it. Operating from a place of lack and fear never created anything good.

This is what light workers need to remember. Some need to be taught this; some need to learn it all over again.

There is no competition in Reiki. Or energy work. Or the healing arts. I do have a friend who will tell me, “I’m happy for you and your Reiki practice, just stay off my corner.” I laughed, but that’s fair. I’m not here to steal anyone else’s business from them; I am here to create my own.

The truth is, we each offer something different, unique and special. In my local Reiki community here in Wichita, Kansas, we very much adhere to the idea that we are not in competition with one another. We are all practicing and learning. We are all getting better at healing ourselves and others. Even when you see six of us energy practitioners lined up next to each other at the Park City Alternative & Holistic Fair, we aren’t competing against one another. We find people what they need. For instance, if someone comes up to me complaining of a spinal issue, I’m going to send them to the booth next to mine. That’s where my friend Alita practices Quantum Touch. Can Reiki help that? Of course! But I know QT will give instant relief and change that person’s whole outlook on life. We’re here for a higher purpose; not competition.

If you’re interested in competition, go sign up with a direct sales company. Go run a race. Play cards with your friends. But don’t do Reiki. There is no competition in Reiki. I’ve spent years believing this and living it. I’ve put it into practice.

At White Dove, where I rent space to practice Reiki, I share my space with another Reiki practitioner, Angie. Next door, At Crystal Dock, is another Reiki practitioner, Maggie. When I do fairs, you never know how many of us will show up. I don’t have time to cry and whine about how many of “my clients” my fellow Reiki practitioners are cutting into. I spend my time and energy taking care of those who come to me. Maggie and I attract completely different clients for completely different reasons. Certain people will choose one of us over the other. I don’t take it personally. It’s not about me and my bottom line; it is about the client who is coming to me for Reiki.

This is why I was shocked when another Reiki Master sent me a message one day. She had seen me advertising my first class for Learn It Live (mentioned in a previous blog post) and had to inform me that I was using her trademarked name and would I change my class name so she wouldn’t have to send a cease and desist? No one has a monopoly on Reiki and I do believe behaving in the manner this woman did will weaken her Reiki. Even more interesting was that this woman was a “big name” and long time ICRT instructor. it says specifically in the ICRT manuals (which I use presently with my students) that there is no competition in Reiki. So this woman fears competition, isn’t practicing what she proclaims to teach, and is basically knocking a younger, less experienced Reiki Master like myself.

Again, there is no competition in Reiki.

To behave as such comes from a place of lack. On the contrary, there is enough to go around. There is more than enough. As a Reiki Master, I believe those who I am meant to help will find me just as I will find those who are meant to help and teach me.

Here in the Wichita Reiki community, we are supportive of one another. We don’t compete. When someone likes that tries to come around me, I talk to my fellow Reiki practitioners and guides about how to keep that negativity out of my field. When this woman came into my life, I had to look within and figure out why she riled me so much. Oddly enough, it goes back to my broadcasting career and the relationships I’ve had with more experienced females in my field. It seems once women reach the top, they don’t want to reach back and help the next come up. They are protecting their positions. They are operating from a place of fear, lack and insecurity. There was recently a much less experienced female in my field who faked a friendship with me and faked gratitude for my mentorship only to backstab me in the end. I realized I had to work out two different issues with former female coworkers.

I also realized I no longer felt enamored with my ICRT training due to this particular ICRT instructor’s behavior towards me. I have talked with my Reiki Master Donna about it and she is pointing me in a new direction. She and her husband, my other Reiki Master, Conrad, have been training under another instructor and will soon be teaching this in our city. So the blessing in all this is I got to work through some wounds and am deepening my Reiki practice.

Never stop learning! Find the blessings in the demons who hound you because that’s part of the work. You never know what is around that next corner.

Reiki blessings to you,

Heather Larson, Reiki Master

Wichita, KS


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