Spreading Reiki out into the world!


This week has been all about spreading the Reiki energy into the world! Yay! This is the fun stuff for me. It can’t be all about working quietly on people in my therapy room at White Dove all the time. No. The Reiki has to get out into the world. That means I must get out into the world!

  1. I just graduated my first Reiki student who took all her Reiki courses with me! She came back this week to use me as her dummy to practice atunements on. (I’m a good dummy where energy work is involved!) I was very happy for her. I realized how much she will spread Reiki on her own into the world and felt a lump in my throat. At one moment yesterday in White Dove, the Reiki Masters outnumbered the “civilians” as my student said. I may never make Reiki mainstream, but I will get it out to as many people as I can. That feels great.
  2. I spoke today at Heritage College, as teacher Jody Barton-Cansler asks me to do each semester. She teaches massage, so I love to go in and see what her students know and what they are interested in learning about. Today, I talked to them about Reiki and gave a quick overview of other types of energy work too: polarity, Qi-Gong, Quantum Touch, Seraphic Spheres, Access Consciousness, and what else…? I forget. Basically, there are many types of energy work, but it all comes back to Source Energy. So go where you’re called!

Good questions came from the students. Perhaps I will answers those in other blog posts. For now though, thank you to all the students I got to see this week!

I thought about recording my talk today but then decided against it. When I talk to massage students, I give them some info about Reiki that can help them with massage. So I tailor what I say specifically for them. I’m sure it would have interested some, but it was mainly for massage students and not the masses who may be casually interested in energy healing.

Perhaps I can work on something special for another time. The wheels are turning…


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