Self-Care Friday!

I am starting this thing. I’m calling it…wait for it…

Self-Care Friday!

Yeah! Because if your well isn’t full, you can’t give a bucket of water to anyone else — or a shot glass.

So I thought I’d share some self-care ideas each Friday.


  • Nap. Let’s face it, if this is my most appealing idea to you, you may need to scale back a few things. Maybe your plate is too full.
  • Take a walk! Unless it’s too hot or too late in the day. No one wants heat exhaustion.
  • Stop for an ice cream break. Whether it’s a “healthy” frozen yogurt or a double dip chocolate sundae, it’s time to treat yourself.
  • Don’t want a food treat? Ok, treat yourself to a little aromatherapy, meditation — or combine both!
  • Yoga. Always yoga. There’s nothing better for self-care.
  • Do you feel like throwing your lists into the shredder? Your to-do lists, to-buy lists, in lists about lists? Are you really gonna do all that stuff? At least put it away and give yourself an hour to relax and have fun.
  • Fun? Hey, my mom’s idea of fun was having an hour to paint her nails, watch Everybody Loves Raymond, and read In Style magazine. To each his/her own. Make your own fun.
  • My fun? I just wanna read a book or play those stupid King games on my iPhone — you know, Blossom Blast Saga or Bubble Witch..
  • Color. Coloring is fun and creative. Plus, every store has coloring books for adults. Coloring got really hip in the past three years. It was something I did in my early recovery from alcoholism. I can’t believe it’s so trendy I see awesome coloring books in the checkout aisle at the grocery store now!
  • Set a boundary. It may or may not piss someone off when you do, but you deserve to set and keep your boundaries. For example, say “no” when you mean no. Say it. Say it with conviction. Then keep that boundary — without explaining “why” or saying, “I’m sorry.”
  • Those of us who have taken (at least) Reiki 1 can practice self-Reiki! Or, book a Reiki session.
  • Get a massage.
  • Get your nails done. This is my new obsession. I love having pretty hands. I get a gel manicure, then I don’t have to think about my nails for another 2-3 weeks and they look great the whole time. Last weekend, my friend and I took her nieces with us to get pedicures. They loved it and the seven-year-old enjoyed the pampering. She even said it was “so relaxing.” Plus, we showed two young girls as I put it, “Ladies take good care of themselves.” Children learn from our behavior. What are we showing them? Are we showing them good self-care? Are we showing them what it’s like to be healthy and engage in positive behaviors?
  • Have coffee or dinner with a friend. Dinner with friends is my go-to reboot. They make me laugh, we catch up, and we eat like horses. What can be better?
  • Read a book! It’s that time of summer when we can pull up a lawn chair, a good book, and a lemonade or ice tea by the pool.

What do you do for self-care? Have you done any of these things this week for yourself? Are you planning to this weekend? Let me know in the comments!

Heather Larson, Reiki Master

Wichita, Kansas


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