Self-Care Check In Time!

So how did you do this weekend on self-care? Did you do something for you and just you? If you did — applause. If you’re making an excuse in your head right now, read on.

Most of my clients are busy women seeking balance.

What an amazingly generalized sentence that was! I do not know a single woman who doesn’t fit this description. Every woman I know is the “busy woman.” We’ve got people to take care of, be it children, parents or both. We have jobs. Not just one — many women I know hold a job and have a passion they pursue on the side. Many females I know are full-time students. A select group of my female friends and clients are nearly all of the above. They are the single moms with two jobs and/or a passion to pursue on the side and/or or an education they are working towards.

So how do we “busy women” or “type A personalities” ever find balance?

Through self-care. You have to take time for yourself. More importantly, you have to show your children you take time for yourself and take care of yourself. Women of my generation didn’t see our mothers do this. I am happy to say I know “busy women” today who make time for doctor’s appointments, getting their nails done once in a while, or “adult time” with friends. Extra points for those women who are lucky enough to afford a vacation, massage, or shopping trip.

Weekend self-care check in2

So back to my original question: how were you good to yourself this weekend? 

Here’s what I did to take care of myself this weekend. The full list: 

*Used my TENS unit on my piriformis muscle; while it is no longer causing me pain or difficulty walking, there’s some scar tissue that can be broken up. I can actually feel that knot!

*Ditched a wishy-washy guy I’d been attempted to date. I decided he wasn’t what I was looking for anyway, so that was that. Moving on!

*Binge-watched “Stranger Things” on Netflix. Does this sound like self-care? It was relaxing time well spent. It made me slow down and chill, so I felt it counts.

*Made a really healthy meal in the slow cooker. I used my new-to-me vegetable spiral to make sweet potato curls with some chicken thighs and Latin seasoning. It gave me healthy lunches at work all weekend. Now that is good self-care!

Let’s hear it! How did you take care of you and your needs this weekend? Check back for more self-care ideas next Friday, for my second edition of “Self-Care Friday!”

Heather Larson, Reiki Master

Wichita, Kansas


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