Offering free Life Coaching Sessions this Tuesday/Wednesday! August 16 + 17

For my friends and Reiki clients, I am offering free life coaching sessions as part of my practicum for SWIHA’s 100-hour life-coaching certification. If you’d like to receive a session in person at White Dove this Tuesday or Wednesday (8/16 or 8/17), please message me via email at
I can also do a session over Skype or Google Hangouts if you’re too busy or simply living outside the Wichita area. All sessions confidential. If you’re willing to have a session taped via Google Hangouts On Air, your session will be confidential — but used for my class assignment and turned into my instructor for a grade with your permission. 

Why try Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is great if you want to achieve more balance, work on a specific area of your life, create a new habit, move forward with an idea, discover if how you’re living is congruent with your values, or maybe even have a relaxing mediation to boost your confidence through relaxation! What is your goal? How can I help? Ready to get out of your comfort zone? Let’s do it!
~Heather Larson
Reiki Master
Comfort zone

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