Next up: the second edition of Free Friday Reiki Live on 5/12!

Free Friday Reiki Live!-2

I decided just now that Free Friday Reiki Live is kind of the spiritual version of the old “Total Request Live” on MTV with Carson Daly. Haha. What’s your request!? Except instead of requesting songs, you are requesting Reiki.

(Fun fact: Carson and I both worked at the same radio station in San Jose, CA starting out in our media careers, although at much different times. It was the old KOME).

I threw this one together at the last minute, folks. But people still came! It was a few but I think out FFRL group can grow!

We started at 11am and actually two stayed with me until about 11:48, when no one had anymore questions and I decided to end the live webinar for the day. The idea is that we will always meet from 11-11:30 for what can potentially be an online Reiki share. I’m saying for now it’s a come-and-go format. You don’t have to be there at the crack of 11, or stay the whole time, and you can also stay late. I’ll hang for as long as people have questions or want distance Reiki.

That’s what we did yesterday and it was so fun! I got some good feedback too, which I appreciate!

Thank you for attending and I hope you will plan to join us on Friday, May 12.


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