Join me for the next two sessions of Free Friday Reiki Live!

I have two Free Friday Reiki Live sessions left on

FFRL June 2

You can sign up for this free class here.

In previous sessions, we’ve talked about chakras and their corresponding issues as well as what Reiki is. We’ve talked about how Reiki works. I also led us in an exercise in intuition since Reiki helps heighten our intuitive gifts. Last week, I did a short talk about meditation before giving some homework for the week.

Did you know you can watch the previous four weeks’ worth of videos? Heck yes! I always record my classes on! Catch up on the last four tapings of the live sessions here.

I’m also curious about how I can improve this idea of Free Friday Reiki Live. Does this day/time work? How about the format? Would you rather do this on Periscope or YouTube Live? What about Facebook Live?

Let me know! I’m excited to hear what you all think!

I love that Free Friday Reiki Live allows me to reach more Reiki fans outside of the Wichita area.

Yes, I am available for Distance Reiki sessions!

~Heather Larson

Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach


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