Join me for Free Friday Reiki Live this Friday, June 9

Free FridayReiki Live!-june9

Giveaway this week! Attend the LIVE webinar and be entered to win a private session with me!

Must attend the live session — or how else can I make you a winner? When you attend, I will put your name in a jar and draw one name at the end of Free Friday Reiki Live! It could be you!

We gather weekly for an online Reiki share. Free Friday Reiki Live is a chance for like minds to gather for a half hour to ask me questions about Reiki. I also send Reiki to everyone in the group who attends the live class. If you can’t make it, I record them. So you can watch them later. Of course, you get the most out of it by attending the course live online so you can interact with me and the others!

Free Friday Reiki Live is for anyone who is interested in Reiki. It’s for everyone from the clueless wannabe beginner to the seasoned Reiki Master. We will see who shows up and go from there.

One week we did an intuition exercise, another week we discussed meditation. I’ll take any Reiki question you’ve got for me LIVE! Join the fun on!

~Reiki Master Heather Larson


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