Why Reiki Master Class is Fabulous

Congratulations to the newest Reiki Master in town, Cathy B!

I love teaching a Reiki class, any Reiki class, any day. It does as much for me as it does for my students and each has a unique experience. I never know what to expect and neither do they.

Of course, the main event is the attunement. That’s the reason why the student is there. I’m a purist. I’m old fashioned — I only do these in person. There’s nothing more authentic than going through the attunement. Or as a wise man once said,

“You can’t fake the funk.”

Master Class is the student’s opportunity to receive that attunement, which is the chance to receive a sacred energy handed down from teacher to student.

From experience, Reiki Master class pushes the student foward on their intuitive path. I could be generic and tell you it will enhance your spiritual path. But more specifically, it raises your intuition. You begin to really trust your inner guidance when you come to Reiki III, a.k.a. Reiki Master. I am finding now I’ve developed an energetic rapport with my Reiki Master students before they even walk into the room! You may be merely on the way to class, but I’m already up in your energy field setting up the room perfectly for you. It’s uncanny what working with Reiki brings up for both student and teacher.

Reiki Master class is time to not just hand down the attunement, but the final three symbols. I truly have a relationship to Usui Dai Ko Myo (UDKM). It remains to this day my favorite symbol to use in every Reiki session. It’s a part of me.

If you’re a Reiki practitioner, what is your favorite symbol with which to work in sessions or on yourself?

why reiki master is fab

More Reiki Classes Coming Up!

Look, we all know the month of September is super-busy in Wichita. I won’t be scheduling classes for groups during that month, but if you want to schedule a one-on-one Reiki class for a Saturday or Sunday in September at White Dove Wichita, I’d be happy to accomodate you!

I’m working on a new class schedule for the month of October that will allow you to take ALL LEVELS in the month, if you so desire. Or you can cherry-pick what you are ready to do. I’ll also be adding an Advanced Reiki Training Class for those who want to go deeper in their Reiki, but who aren’t ready to go on to Master class yet.

I always let my students decide when they are ready to move on to the next level of Reiki training. I stayed for a year and a half at Reiki 1! I took Reiki 2 and then it was on. I waited only 6 months before taking Reiki Master class! I was off and running. There’s so much I had to work on after taking the first level. I also dove into Seraphic Spheres angelic energetic work too. In the beginning of my path of receiving energy work as a student, the energies would kick my ass. I literally couldn’t drive home fast enough before falling asleep! I would be exhausted. But Reiki was at work in me then. For lack of a better description, Reiki had a lot to fix!

This is why I make no rules or demands of my Reiki students about when they can or “should” move on to the next level. Don’t “should” all over yourself! (Read that last sentence out loud for a giggle). I don’t give tests, quizzes, or homework. You may have the option of a mini-drawing project though!


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