Reiki Classes in Wichita, KS

Learn Reiki in Wichita

I offer Reiki classes periodically at White Dove metaphysical bookstore and yoga studio in Wichita, Kansas. Class info will be posted on this page. Check back for updates.

I schedule Reiki 1, 2, and Master classes in person in Wichita. I do not teach Reiki classes over the internet; you must be present to receive your attunement with me.

The cost for Reiki class starts at $180. You can purchase the class here and I will contact you to set up a time.

1-800-390-6495 or email to book a session or class! 

Each class takes 4 hours. That can be spread over a day or over two afternoons or evenings in Wichita. I ask that you plan to take the class about a week or more after purchasing the course so that I can order your manual and have it ready for class.

What I ask of my students: 

*Please engage in daily self-Reiki as described in the level 1 & 2 manual. If you do no not have time, please make time. You do not have to follow the book to the letter. But please do give yourself at least five minutes a day for self-Reiki.

*Please live by the five Reiki precepts, which you will learn in level 1 class. Incorporate these into your daily life over time.

*Allow some time between level 1 and level 2 in which you can practice your Reiki on those closest to you in your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc.

What I will do for students: 

* I will give you information on local Wichita Reiki shares.

*I will be available via email to answer questions.

What I won’t do for my students: 

*I will not provide you with a space or equipment with which to practice your Reiki. It is up to you to obtain your own space and equipment (Reiki tables, sheets, etc).

*I will not match you up with other Reiki students with whom you can practice. I will, however, give you any and all current information I have about local Reiki shares in Wichita. It is my hope you will attend, as Reiki shares helped me grow greatly as a practitioner. It is also my hope to have students in classes exchange info so as to create friendship and fellowship with like minds.

*I will not accept any students who show up to class under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you appear to be under the influence, act erratically, have dilated pupils, and/or smell of drugs and alcohol, you will kindly be asked to leave.

*I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for Reiki classes and sessions.



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